Children’s Corner

Sunday School Lessons

In person Sunday School classes begin on September 19th.  They will be in session after the main service each week.

Bible Memory Challenge

Sunday School children are being challenged to learn a bible verse every week.  But this challenge is not only for children.
  • Parents – Learn the verses together with your children;
  • Youth – These verses will stick with you for life if you memorize them now;
  • Seniors – It is never too late to memorize scripture.
Everyone, please encourage the children and pray for them.  We feel that “hiding God’s Word in your heart” will become more and more important in our times.
Each week, the children will receive a coloring/doodle page that includes the Bible Verse for the following week.  On each first Sunday of the month, the children will recite the verse and sing the accompanying song for that verse in the sanctuary.  The accompanying song can be found on the week the verse is assigned, but we encourage you to skip ahead to the last Sunday of the month and get a head start learning the verse/song that will be presented during the service.

There’s Leftovers!