Equip and Encourage

Music Ministry Seminar

A time of learning how to develop an effective church music ministry based on biblical principles.  This teaching is relevant to worship leaders as well as conductors of choirs and instrumental groups.  The seminar begins on Thursday evening and will run all day Friday and Saturday.

Equip and Encourage 2024 Schedule


Choir and Orchestra

All those who love to sing are invited to register for the Seminar Choir and Orchestra, which will practice on Friday and Saturday evenings in preparation for music for both Sunday services.  You do not have to attend the full seminar in order to participate in the choir or orchestra.

Sunday Services

Join us on July 28th for our Sunday Morning service @ 10:30 a.m.  This service will feature teaching on worship as well as music by the Seminar Choir and Orchestra.

An afternoon service (start time TBA) will end the weekend.

Please Register!

Registration Deadline: June 10th

For planning purposes, registration is required for participation in the Music Ministry Seminar and the Seminar Choir and Orchestra.  Please send an email including your name and city of residence to register@missionspringschurch.com.

You will receive instructions on how to proceed with registration.

Frequently Asked Questions: